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Fabulous Tips To Kill That Cowgirl Look

This is said to be another stage after accepting to become a cowgirl, you definitely have to dress like one so you won’t be misplaced in the crowd when you tell people you are a cowgirl or you have got a great knowledge about the westerners and their culture, music. The cowgirl’s look is as effective as a two-sided coin displaying not only a feminine look but also a masculine at the same time. Whatever your style is the girlie or tomboy style. Here we are going to check out some tips and these tips are meant for two things, the work look, and the outing look. Boots: My first advice, try getting a pair of boots of your choice....

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Being A Woman in a Man’s World: 5 Tips & Tricks

Since the beginning of time, women have always been a silent force. For centuries, they were put aside and oppressed by their male counterparts. Throughout history, women truly had to fight and be loud in order to be treated equally. Nowadays, even though women have come a long way, most ladies can feel to some extent the many challenges that simply being female. In fact, in some industries and areas around the world, being a woman is tough. Whether it is in the fields of politics, science or construction, women are often underrepresented. Concretely, what can we, women, do to change this situation? All of us, no matter our origins, our age or our religion, have the power to make a...

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5 Signs That Prove You Are Born To Be A Cowgirl

Cowgirl(n).  A hired woman, especially in the western United States, who tends cattle and performs many of her duties on horseback. All of us have heard about cowgirls, these fierce women that live on ranches and do horseback riding. In fact, they are often pictured in American Western movies or in country songs. Yet, cowgirls are not solely an important part of America’s culture; mainly, they are inspiring ladies that are passionate about the Western lifestyle. The cowboy way of life, inspired by the Native American and the Mexican American cultures, is definitely more popular than you may imagine. Actually, thousands and thousands of cowgirls are living a prosperous and happy life. At this point, you may wonder how one...

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Amazing Attributes You Should Know About A Cowgirl

Whenever the name cowgirl pops up, the first thing that comes to peoples mind is that they are dirty, acting like tomboys and the rest. Trust me that is normal. Before the existence of cowgirls, we only had cowboys, and there was this notion that the ranch was never a place for the ladies. But with time, we have seen few ladies that mustered up the courage to challenge the men in their pool of dirt, letting them know that ladies are also capable of handling whatever task present in the ranch. These cowgirls have proven to us, that it isn’t all about the boots, the hats, or the flannel shirts or even the rolling in the dirt, but they...

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How to Become a Modern Cowgirl

Traditionally, a cowgirl is a girl or woman who works on a ranch and herded cattle. However, being a cowgirl today is more than that. Today, being a cowgirl is more about knowing the cowgirl’s roots, dressing and acting like a cowgirl and maintaining the cowgirl stature. There are few things you have to do to gain the cowgirl credibility. It’s not automatic. Becoming a cowgirl isn’t a smooth ride. It’s a journey that requires the best of you both physically and mentally. Are you ready for what’s ahead of you? Let’s see how you can become a modern cowgirl:

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