10 Things You Need to put in Place to Become a Bona Fide Cowgirl

Today, a cowgirl represents more than just a ranch hand that rears livestock. A cowgirl represents a set of virtues that spring from the cowgirl’s roots, dressing, and core characters. Here are ten things you need to put in place to transform into a no-brainer cowgirl.

1.Acquaintance With Cowgirl History

This is obviously the first thing that a cowgirl hopeful should know. Texas is the place of origin of cowgirls and cowboys. In the era of the civil war, cowgirls took to working on the ranch and caring for livestock while their male counterparts were in the front-lines of the war or moving uncounted cattle up North. Although the cowgirl of today still performs these basic responsibilities, she’s now more given to performing rodeos and riding on horseback for entertainment purposes.

2.Soul-Searching Moments

You need to take some time aside to soak up the reality of the arduousness of a cowgirl’s role. You need to have a strong mental picture of a cowgirl in her full glory.

3.Immersion in a Cowgirl’s Working Environment

You need to catch on to the vibes and atmosphere of a cowgirl’s world. If you don’t have a location to exercise your cowgirl passion in, you can look up and check out farms or ranches that allow visitors or volunteer workers.  You can also absorb everything you can about caring for live cattle from both online sources and otherwise.

4. Cowgirl Gears

Cowgirls represent the airs of the countryside life. Their strength of character is portrayed in their dress sense. The bonafide cowgirl dress code brandishes chic, high utility clothing and shows clothing.

The cowgirl’s exposure to the incessant fluid discharge of animals does not necessarily warrant the use of whacky, utility-based outfits.

When shopping for cowgirl clothing, look out for country brands. A cowgirl’s presumed arduous routine means she should use minimal or no makeup. Some of the basic country fashion items to complement the grace and demeanor of a genuine cowgirl include:

  • Plenty pairs of ‘country looking’ slightly loose denim jeans and jackets

  • Every day, less sporty tee and round neck shirts

  • Pairs of hard-soled shoes, rubber shoes, and fancy shoes

  • Camo hunting gears

5. An Apologist Stance for the Country Life

As a cowgirl, you need to consider yourself as an embodiment of all the virtues of the country life: grit, compassion, diligence, etc. When you meet others who take a dig at the county life, don't let their opinion overshadow yours. Keep to being upfront and informative about your country life inclinations.

6. The Cowgirl Attitude

Despite her hard-driving mannerisms, the genuine cowgirl’s core virtues include thoughtfulness and congeniality. With or without using a country accent, a cowgirl can transmit the mien of the countryside by merely showing off the countryside demeanor. She uses words like ‘please’ and ‘excuse me’ frequently and also wears placid smiles regularly.

Country girls are known to have broad shoulders. They show genuine compassion to whomever they come across.

7. Love for the Issues of Country Life

Country music transmits the vibes of the countryside that every country girl can tune into. You need to expose yourself to a lot of country music, having in mind all the activities that constitute the country life, including fishing, rodeo, bonfires, exclusive relationships, etc. Join the girl's scout or an Agriculture club in your high school. Help around the house and occupy yourself with chores. You should also learn how to get along with pet animals like horses, dogs, and cats.

It’s also imperative that you also learn to cook countryside food.

8. Inclination Towards Balanced Relationships

If you're seeing a man, let him have the best you can possibly give to the relationship. Respect him and give him his due time and space. But the treatment must be reciprocated. Otherwise, there is no healthy relationship.

9. Horseback Skills

The horse is the cowgirl’s iconic companion. Take horseback riding lessons. You also need to learn how to rope and lasso a cattle while riding. This will be easier once you've mastered how to rope a horse.

10. Countryside Competition Skills

Barrel race, rodeos, calf, and steer roping, etc., are bonafide recreations of the countryside. You should pick an interest in acquiring skills related to these types of competitions. You can even wow an audience with what you've been doing on horseback during idle moments with the herds out in the fields.


Although the number if cowgirls have been in decline throughout the centuries thanks to urbanization and industrialization, cowgirls continue to remain prominent elements of America’s cultural landscape. They live decent, exemplary lives and they help keep ranch houses across the country in top shape.

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