5 Facts About Cowgirls That Can Spur Bravery

 Cowboys and cowgirls are an embodiment of one of the most eminent influencers of today’s Western culture. The fact that Cowboy and cowgirl lifestyles were adopted by people from nearly every part of the world is a testament to their universality. Cowboy and cowgirl lifestyles also helped thrust Hollywood to the height it occupies today by being the bases for countless epic story plots.

    However, the cowgirl lifestyle requires lots of grit and guts. The sphere of activity of a typical cowgirl spans beyond care for horses, encompassing the maintenance of the ranch and all its building structure, and even small-town politics.  This article serves as a blueprint for the cowgirl lifestyle.

    1. Cowgirls Must Co-exist With Farm Dirt

    The cowgirl’s job heavily revolves around the prevention and management of dirt. Besides being an outdoor-oriented lifestyle, the cowgirl lifestyle involves meddling in the affairs of creatures who brandish dirt, from poop, snot and sputum to blood, and everything in between. So whether or not you’re bred from a stock of generational ranch hands, you might just find yourself occasionally struggling to contend with slippery filth. For cowgirls, filth is a necessary evil.

    2. Cows are Clumsier than You Might Think

    Livestock rearing has quite a different twist than caring for pets like cats and dogs. As a matter of fact, their relatively bulkier size can turn their innocent liveliness into hazardous exertions. They might just react erratically to any pressurizing situation. They might just switch to an aggressive mood and come after you without giving you a clue as per their grievances. So when it comes to caring for livestock, you need to know your place.

    3. A Cowgirl is an Epitome of Grit

    Cowgirls are used to having it raw and direct, so they’re accustomed to airing their views unabashed. Diplomacy and tact are not a cowgirl’s strong suit. The occupational hazards of a cowgirl’s job invoke wit and wry. A cowgirl must tell it how it is in order to get things sorted out in the fastest possible way. For instance, if they must prevent the spread of an infestation in their livestock herd - which is always a constant threat - they need to intervene quickly to prevent the disease from doing any further damage, even if it means they need to be hard-driving. It’s quite a usual thing for cowgirls to switch from a passive mood to an alarmed state in one fell swoop.

    4. Cowgirls Need to Suck up Pain at Most Times

    Livestock can be a real pain in the neck without even noticing. Their guiltless movements might throw you off balance sometime, or worse, leave an indelible physical scar on you. In such instances, you might want to reel yourself in and not lash out on them, as doing so might aggravate the situation and cause further damages to you and the animals.

    5. Cowgirls are Never Quite There and are Always up to Something

    From learning how to tie better knots to learning new horseback riding techniques, a cowgirl always has a feather to add to her cap. This curiosity to learn more is the hallmark of the virtuous cowgirl. They always need to be primed for more knowledge of the things that make them thick and learn new things at every opportunity that presents itself.   

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