5 Signs That Prove You Are Born To Be A Cowgirl

Cowgirl(n).  A hired woman, especially in the western United States, who tends cattle and performs many of her duties on horseback.

All of us have heard about cowgirls, these fierce women that live on ranches and do horseback riding. In fact, they are often pictured in American Western movies or in country songs. Yet, cowgirls are not solely an important part of America’s culture; mainly, they are inspiring ladies that are passionate about the Western lifestyle. The cowboy way of life, inspired by the Native American and the Mexican American cultures, is definitely more popular than you may imagine. Actually, thousands and thousands of cowgirls are living a prosperous and happy life.

At this point, you may wonder how one feels the calling to become part of this amazing culture. Well, truly, no one chooses to become a cowgirl; it is the cowgirl lifestyle that chooses you. Whether you are born in a Western family or simply feel a strong calling to move to the countryside and hop on a horse, the following text presents 5 signs that prove that you are born to be a cowgirl.

Yeehaw! Let’s take a look at the following points:

1. You like to wear comfortable and durable clothes

     Yes, style matters. However, you always choose to wear clothes that are suitable for spontaneous adventures. Since you were young, you always liked to wear denim jeans, long-sleeved shirts, dresses, and boots. In sum, any outfit that is stylish and that allows you to do anything you want is the perfect outfit. If you recognize yourself in this description, it simply means you were meant to be a cowgirl. The typical cowgirl outfit is composed of a flannel shirt, practical pants, a straw cowgirl hat, a pair of mid-calf boots and any piece of western jewelry. Being a cowgirl is being fashionable on a daily basis. Isn’t it every woman’s dream? In addition, cowgirls, no matter how they are dressed, are ready in all circumstances.

    2. You are a very physical type of person

    You have always been a sporty girl; sweat does not scare you. You have tried a variety of different sports and just fell in love with the feeling of exhaustion that comes at the end of each day. Just like any cowgirl, you are not afraid to get your hands dirty and you have always dreamt of doing rodeo. You like to be outside all day and feel deeply connected with nature. Whenever you can, you give a hand to your village’s farmers.  You are always there to help your friends and family, no matter how difficult the task may be. Happily, for you, these are the traits that any cowgirl must possess! Cowgirls are strong and hardworking women.

    3. You have always wanted to live in the countryside

    Lovely individuals, magnificent barns, and a warm weather; the countryside is everything you have ever dreamed of. You cannot stand the unbearable noise of cities; you just crave the silence of the countryside. You know, deep down your heart, that you need to live in the countryside. Just like any cowgirl, you want to work in barns and be surrounded by animals. Just the idea of living in such a peaceful and authentic environment fills your whole being with joy. Yep, you are definitely a cowgirl!

    4. You absolutely love horses

    You always felt attracted to these noble and calm mammals; seeing their flowing mane and tail just soothes you. You have tried horseback riding many times (or you have envisioned it many many times) and it has become your favorite activity. In fact, no other sport can give you this feeling of freedom. Your hair blowing in the wind, nothing feels as good as horseback riding. Dogs are not man’s best friend; horses are!

    5. You are passionate about Western culture

      You have watched every single movie starring John Wayne and you just love listening to country music. As a teenager, you did not spend your free time shopping or putting on makeup; instead, you read about agriculture and cooking. You have always been impressed by the bravery and resourcefulness of the people living in the countryside. Thus, you have studied their history and learned everything about ranches, barns and barrel racing.

      Recognized yourself in this text? If you answered yes to this question, you are definitely meant to be a cowgirl! Then, just ride on! You are a cowgirl and always will be!

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