Amazing Attributes You Should Know About A Cowgirl

Whenever the name cowgirl pops up, the first thing that comes to peoples mind is that they are dirty, acting like tomboys and the rest. Trust me that is normal. Before the existence of cowgirls, we only had cowboys, and there was this notion that the ranch was never a place for the ladies. But with time, we have seen few ladies that mustered up the courage to challenge the men in their pool of dirt, letting them know that ladies are also capable of handling whatever task present in the ranch.

These cowgirls have proven to us, that it isn’t all about the boots, the hats, or the flannel shirts or even the rolling in the dirt, but they are equal to the task. Are you yet to discover if the girl “living next door” is a "cowgirl”? or you just feel a little bit discouraged of the fact that you can classify them as girls working in the ranch only?

Well check out some attributes which will help you define them better and maybe also, make you have a second thought;

1. They are strong

 It takes a strong and hardworking girl to be a cowgirl. Never underestimate them for a second or think they are just weaklings and you can easily overpower them.

 Of course, working at a ranch is certainly not the same as having some ice-cream or saying cheese to the camera, otherwise trust me, the ranch will be flooded with so many cowgirls. These beings are strong emotionally (making up their mind and being able to handle the stress) and also strong physically (notwithstanding, all odds in the field).

 2. They are determined

From the past to this present 21st Century, there has always been this preference of men over women at some certain line of work; the same applies to work in a ranch. But few ladies starting from the 1880s have been determined to become cowgirls which they had succeeded in becoming.

This has made them known for being determined because it was a determination of some few back in the days that brought about the existence of cowgirls today.

3. They are brave

The fact is, being a cowgirl has never been a child’s play. It takes a strong and determined person to be brave or fearless, and the truth is a cowgirl possesses this trait. Not all girls will muster up that courage to get stuck in dirt or animal dung, some even wander into the forest for adventure’s sake.

Like a cowboy, a cowgirl has been trampled on, bucked off, kicked on the ass by a horse and also fallen off a horse a hundred times and yet she still keeps on going. Certainly, this makes her a qualified cowgirl. Their bravery just doesn’t stop there, but go further to throw challenges to the Cowboys.

4. A great lover

Yep!!! Cowgirls are also great lovers of the animals they take care of, their western culture and also their country music. Behind the whole tough and strong girl façade lies a kind, passionate and friendly being, you will certainly discover when you get close to them.

You can’t actually be a cowgirl if you don’t have a love for the animal you care for, so let’s just say it’s a necessity.

Actually, some of them decided to be cowgirls because of their love for their culture, country music, the animals or even the ranch. This natural love they feel can also be extended to the people around them.

5. They are smart

Simply put, cowgirls are smart girls! They are literally very fast in understanding what situation they find themselves in. They are intelligent, having full knowledge of whatever is happening around them. They are smart enough to observe their environment, especially in times of emergency situations. They are very aware that the life of the animals they watch over depends on the decisions they make.

 Many times, most cowgirls are smart enough to end up being CEOs of a ranch, veterinary doctors, businesswomen and so much more.

6. They are dedicated

I am just stating the obvious; cowgirls like the Cowboys are dedicated beings. Be it to the ranch or their western lifestyle.

Dedication, as a matter of fact, is required in the ranch and most girls if not all, possess that spirit of dedication. It doesn’t take a day to get familiar with the animals, you can come today, then return the next two weeks, trust me the horse is going to knock you off so hard.

The familiarity we tend to notice between the horse and its rider was as a result of morning walks every day, feeding, cleaning and a lot more from a dedicated cowgirl.

 7.  They are beautiful

Just permit me to add this, but have you really noticed that most of the cowgirls are really beautiful? With little or no makeup they still appear gorgeous?

 LOL! Who else has ever wondered if they are being selected specially to be cowgirls?


Ok, guys, these are just some of the amazing attributes cowgirls portray and trust me there are so many more that are not listed. You can leave a comment below if you have got something to add. Let’s support the cowgirl’s movement.

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