Being A Woman in a Man’s World: 5 Tips & Tricks

Since the beginning of time, women have always been a silent force. For centuries, they were put aside and oppressed by their male counterparts. Throughout history, women truly had to fight and be loud in order to be treated equally. Nowadays, even though women have come a long way, most ladies can feel to some extent the many challenges that simply being female. In fact, in some industries and areas around the world, being a woman is tough. Whether it is in the fields of politics, science or construction, women are often underrepresented.
 Concretely, what can we, women, do to change this situation? All of us, no matter our origins, our age or our religion, have the power to make a positive impact in the world. The following text offers you 5 simple and effective tips to help you become an outstanding woman in this modern man’s world:

1. Embrace your femininity

There is no right or wrong way to be a woman. Every human being that identifies as a woman is a woman. Whether you are a cowgirl, a university professor or a hairdresser, you are the only person that decides what it means to be a woman. Which activities make you feel powerful and feminine? Horseback riding? Wearing your favorite dress? No matter what is your answer to that question, you must embrace what makes you feel like a lady. Do not be scared of letting your creativity flow; just do what makes you feel good. You are a #girlboss. Never doubt it.

2. Be confident

Heard that one right? Be super confident and sure of yourself. You have the right to be anything you want to be. In this society where men often have better opportunities and earn generally more than us women, it is our duty to let our true selves shine! You are beautiful inside and out, do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Never hesitate: hop on that horse, wear this daring outfit, sing out loud to your favorite country tunes! In sum, whatever you do, choose to do it fiercely!

3. Express yourself

One personality trait that is often associated with femininity is creativity. Before getting on your high horse (see what I did there, you cowgirls?), just know that creativity lies in simplicity. Being a creative individual is a mix of resourcefulness and cleverness. It can be applied in your everyday life, in all circumstances. As modern women, we have the power to use our creative side in order to stand out from the crowd. Creativity allows us to be unique and striking. As cowgirls, creativity is a must; it helps us get out of our comfort zone and makes us braver.

4. Find your voice

This tip may be the trickiest on this list. What does finding your voice truly mean? Well, it simply means that you must be able to express your opinions, your ideas, and your views. Throughout history, women were asked to be docile and silent. Our ancestors never had as many opportunities as we now do. In memory of these women, we must be their voices; it is our responsibility to say what is on our mind. Share your thoughts with your husband, your brother or a friend; your opinion is as valuable as theirs. Be loud and proud; you are a strong and powerful woman. Anyway, communication is the key to human relationships; to make your relations last, you must speak your truth. Yes, first you will have to be courageous, but it will definitely be worth it.

5. Be Driven

A driven woman is honest, passionate and ambitious. She is a strong individual that knows what her heart desires. Most cowgirls have driven women; they follow their heart and are not scared of being authentic. In this day and age, we must stand up for ourselves. We must stand up for our sisters and for our dreams. Truly, nothing should stop us from achieving what we want. Nobody should prevent us from being ourselves. For all the above reasons, being a driven woman is a definite asset in our society.

To conclude, to be a strong and powerful woman in this man’s world, you must know your value. You should not be scared of being a woman because it is what makes you so amazing! Women and men were created equal; thus, you should not be ashamed of your femininity. Use the strength within yourself and just be your best self. You know you can do it!

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