Fabulous Tips To Kill That Cowgirl Look

This is said to be another stage after accepting to become a cowgirl, you definitely have to dress like one so you won’t be misplaced in the crowd when you tell people you are a cowgirl or you have got a great knowledge about the westerners and their culture, music. The cowgirl’s look is as effective as a two-sided coin displaying not only a feminine look but also a masculine at the same time. Whatever your style is the girlie or tomboy style.

Here we are going to check out some tips and these tips are meant for two things, the work look, and the outing look.

Boots: My first advice, try getting a pair of boots of your choice. These boots come in different varieties. There is the round toe, square toe and pointed toe. The boots are made from calfskin, some are also gotten from exotic skins of animals like elephant, eel, buffalo, etc. Boots can be used for your outings but they are highly recommended when it comes to working in the ranch or field because it protects the feet from the hot sand, stones or any harmful material that can be around.

Shirt: Plaid shirts are also required, plaid flannel western shirts are very wonderful, you feel comfortable with it and if you are not interested in rocking it as a long sleeve, you can make it a turn-up shirt. The red color and blue color happens to be perfect for the western environment. Not only can you make it a turn-up, but the shirt can be tied at the end to be worn as a crop top for hangouts, but for working its best to just stick to a button down shirt.

Cowgirl Hat: A cowboy hat brings out the country chic in you. It also prevents the scorching sun against eyes as it complements the western culture. With this added to your outfit, the country girl or cowgirl look will no more be far from you.

Denim Jeans: Being the fourth in my list does not make it less important than others. Be it light or dark color, a denim jean is very important in achieving the cowgirl’s look. You can also go for a denim skirt or shorts for your hangouts, school days etc, trust me, it will not change the style, but skirts are not really recommended when you have to ride a horse but shorts can be worn.

Hair: Another thing you can fix up to compliment your style is your hair. The hair should either be plaited into braids or tied up in a ponytail style.  Leaving your hair your hair just like that will not spoil anything but most cowgirls and country girls always braid their hair in two or tie it up in a ponytail style.

Belts: Get a belt, leather one to be precise for your denim jeans, skirts or shorts. To get more inspired, get one with a belt buckle and also has a western design.

Bandanas: The bandanas are not really a must. It is usually tied around the neck but some cowgirls tie theirs around the hand as a form of a wristband.

Accessories: To get that stylish cowgirl’s look, accessories can be worn, actually there are so many beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings, that can be adorned but the turquoise color compliments the western look better. There are wrist cuffs that can replace the bracelets if you are not really interested n bracelets.

Customized Tees: Customized tees are very beautiful and sexy. It shows how much you love or how much you are involved in the cowgirl’s theory. They come with different quotes that will motivate you. Dressing like a cowgirl with your boot, denim, plaid shirt, will certainly pass a message of who you or who you want to look like but with a customized cowgirl tee, you actually tell the crowd how special it is to you. 

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