How to Become a Modern Cowgirl

Traditionally, a cowgirl is a girl or woman who works on a ranch and herded cattle. However, being a cowgirl today is more than that. Today, being a cowgirl is more about knowing the cowgirl’s roots, dressing and acting like a cowgirl and maintaining the cowgirl stature. There are few things you have to do to gain the cowgirl credibility. It’s not automatic. Becoming a cowgirl isn’t a smooth ride. It’s a journey that requires the best of you both physically and mentally. Are you ready for what’s ahead of you? Let’s see how you can become a modern cowgirl:

Study the cowgirl history

This is essential in becoming a modern cowgirl as you get to know what it entails and how to act and be a cowgirl. Becoming a cowgirl is more than just wearing boots, a hat and riding on a horse. There’s so much more to it. Cowgirl history isn’t as well documented but its known that cowgirls existed in the 1866-1886 or what is called the Golden Age of the cowboy.

At this time, men were at war, and the women were left to work on ranches caring for the livestock and riding horses. Being a modern cowgirl is, however, more about acting and dressing like one and riding rodeos as well.

Is it the right decision?

The life of a cowgirl isn’t easy nor is it so hard. It, however, requires a lot of commitment, and it involves hard work. Are you willing to get your hands dirty by working with animals, being sweaty all day long and spending your day looking after cattle? If not, then the cowgirl life isn’t for you.

Volunteer in a cattle ranch

    If you don’t own a cattle ranch or no one close to you has one, visit a cattle ranch and volunteer to work there. Working with cows is the significant part of being a cowgirl. You need to see how it is like working there for a day and volunteer to learn some of the basics. This is best done before making the critical decision to become a cowgirl. If you think you are up for it after volunteering for a few days and nothing disgusts you at the farm or ranch, then you are ready to go.

    Dressing like a cowgirl

      Dressing like a cowgirl isn’t just about the looks and fashion. Your work as a cowgirl involves a lot of hard physical work. Your clothing must be stylish and functional as well. The reality of the lifestyle of a cowgirl is being covered in blood, dirt, snot and spit as well as cow dung. This sounds gross to many ladies out there, but it’s the reality.

      Dressing like a cowgirl is easy; there are numerous shops online and western clothing stores that sell practical and stylish cowgirl clothing. The basic cowgirl clothing includes:

      • Boots - Protect you from snake bites, and scratches and provide enough traction when leading cattle or horses.

      • Hats - Protects the face and eyes from the sun.

      • Denim jeans - Protects the wearer from getting chaffed or cut. They are also durable, comfortable and wash easy.

      • Long-sleeved shirts - They are suitable for every season. They protect your arms from the sun in the summer and keep you warm in the winter.

      • Dresses and skirts - Not all occasions warrant for wearing jeans and boots even if you are a hardcore cowgirl. You will need stylish skirts and dresses to go out to a concert, the rodeo or a steak dinner.

      Learn how to ride a horse and rope cattle

        As a cowgirl, a horse is your best friend on the ranch. Take horseback riding lessons from a professional and let them know you are a beginner. For a working cowgirl, the best style is western style riding, but there are others like Saddle seat, Endurance, and racing. These you can learn as you progress.

        After you master horse riding, learn how to rope cattle while riding. Most of your time as a cowgirl is spent on the farm dealing with cows. Sometimes, using a lasso to wrangle cattle is necessary, and you have to learn how to do it perfectly to avoid injury.

        Barrel racing

          Being a modern cowgirl is about hard work and having fun too. Learn to barrel race and compete in rodeos. You need to have fun being a cowgirl, and this is part of it. Before you are experienced enough to participate in competitions, do it for fun.

          Being a modern cowgirl is more fun, but you have to be willing to get dirty almost all the time. Have fun being a cowgirl and the modern cowgirl life will be a fun ride with loads of experiences and wonderful moments.

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